Clash of the Titans: 1981 Trailer

Poster from mrfandmissj.blogspot.com
I grew-up with this film.  When I saw the remake, I tried, I really did, I just could not get into it.  Frankly, It stunk.  The original however - rocks n' rolls!

It's Ray Harryhausen's last and crowning achievement to the world of cinema.  I wish he could have unleash the Kraken on the 2010 film!  This film has far more monsters and this Medusa would kick that lame 2010-snakes butt! And the opening of this, the original film - holly crap its dark! I don't want to give it away, but it's one heck of a first 10 minutes. Not only that, the 1981 film has Sir Laurence Olivier as Zeus for Zeus's sake!!  The supporting cast is top notch, Burgess Meredith is in it too!

I'm not saying this is Citizen Kane, but Ray Harryhausen would have kicked Kane's butt and tore down that silly Xanadu with one swipe of his mighty hand!

Anyway, here's the trailer.   

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