MALEFICENT MUSIC - James Newton Howard talks about making a magical score and Lana Del Ray sings 'Once Upon a Dream'

Mark Turner
Fantastic Almanac 

Legendary film composer James Newton Howard gives an exclusive look into what shapes the tones and melodies of his emotional musical landscape. 

Since 1985, Mr. Howard has worked on some of the biggest movies to blaze across the silver screen. A list of just some of his more recent and notable works include: 
The Hunger Games, Snow White and the Huntsman, Salt, I Am Legend, King Kong, The Dark Knight, Signs, The Sixth Sense, The Devil's Advocate.
James Newton Howard's Maleficent score is available on iTunes, and at Amazon 

I have also included the official Vevo YouTube upload of Lana Del Ray's eerie version of Disney's 1954 'Once Upon a Dream' below.

Cover image of Lana Del Ray's single for 'Maleficent'/Disney

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