Krull 1983: Trailer, music and thoughts on a Fantasy/Scifi Classic

A fun part of my childhood. Some might dismiss this film after one viewing, but for me, Krull was one of the first true fantasy films to capture the flavor of northern European myths.  Before Peter Jackson gave us his lively vision of the the Lord of the Rings, Krull set out to give us Arthurian legends, Norse lore and some other world myths (give or take a Cyclops).  There's even a dose of demons from outer-space to compete with the Star Wars films, all the rage of the early 1980's.  The effects were good, but what would the skills of Ray Harryhausen have done for this?  The true star of the film is the music.  James Horner's score is top-notch; a rousing, frightening, atmospheric Wagnerian fantasy.  If you get a chance, see Krull and maybe tell me what you think in the comment section below. 

(James Horner's music is not in the trailer. And yes, that's Liam Neeson in a minor role.)
- Mark

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