Major Price Drops on Sony PS3 & Nintendo 3DS - Plus a look at Future Consoles (VIDEO)

Price Drops
Sony announces that it is slashing $50 off it PS3 gaming system.  The 160GB model  will be $250 off its $300 price tag, and the 320GB model will be $299.

Last month, Nintendo announced that it was slashing the price of the under-preforming 3DS hand-held system to $169.

These price drops are a reaction to compete with the ever increasing sales of Microsoft's Xbox 360, the best selling console month-to-month.

The Future of Gaming 
Again it seems that Sony will be leading the way in the console wars with their publicly proposed PS4. No official release date has been given, but a trailer was featured at this years E3.

The Wii U, also announced at E3, looks promising, (see video below) but the games, so far, seem simplistic. They promise there will be more exciting games to come.

Wii U
Rumors abound about a new Xbox console but the wait my be until 2016.  It seems that Microsoft won't have much to worry about for sometime.   

- Mark

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