Portal: No Escape - A fan based film - Watch It Now

Portal: No Escape - a short film

Portal : No Escape by Eklecty-City

Director Dan Trachtenberg (famous for some of his films and ads for Coca-Cola, Lexus and Nike) delivers a fan-film based on the Portal video game universe: Portal: No Escape. The amazing short film stars actress Danielle Rayne (The Young & the Restless, General Hospital, Law & Order, All My Children). After the Portal fan-film Outside Aperture, this new short by Trachtenberg is no doubt the best to date. He declares to fans: "forget about other adaptations, I had to mortgage my organs in order to hire Dannielle and finance the special effects."

Another fan-based movie . . .


Half Life 2: Escape from City 17 - Fan Movie - Low Budget with High Concept look



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