Guardian's of the Galaxy NEW TRAILER 2 & interview with Chris Pratt, Director James Gunn and Marvel President Kevin Feige

Mark Turner
Fantastic Almanac

Marvel/Disney Studios teased the trailer for an entire weekend with 3 mini trailers that were so short and incredibly fast, even with all three combined, all you got was baited breath. That's right, trailers to promote a upcoming longer trailer! Well, the moment has arrived and we can now see more of this eagerly anticipated comic/scifi/action blaze of color and light.

Its an ambitious venture into uncharted territory for any studio. Lighter toned comic-book flicks, of the past, have come off with mixed results. Tank Girl and Howard the Duck come to mind. But this extended look into a film that packs a lot of star-power-punch, Zoe Saldana and Vin Diesel, just to name a few, looks to be a cut above those previous efforts. Humor, action and a surreal blend of visual splash are what this latest glimpse gives us.

An interview with star Chris Pratt, Director James Gunn and Marvel President Kevin Feige can be seen below.

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