Sleepy Hollow Season 2 - 18 episodes, War and Benjamin Franklin

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The second season of the wildly popular Sleepy Hollow originally ran 15 episodes, but season two will have 18 episodes that will run without the occasional breaks that drove fans crazy with season one. This is good news for fans, especially since networks are cutting back on the amount of shows they are making for seasons, which now runs between 13 and 15 episodes. The series was a huge hit for Fox and helped to put them in the top of falls television rankings.

As far as what we might expect to see, much is not know, but executive producer Mark Goffman says there will be more of a 'war theme' this second time around. He also noted that the show is 'epic' and each episode must also be epic, with not shortage of mind blowing revelations to move the story forward.
Timothy Busfield aka Ben Franklin

Something else that we do know is that Benjamin Franklin will be entering the story line with actor Timothy Busfield from The West Wing filling the shoes of America's first statesman and inventor. Bushfield commented on his research into Franklin with Entertainment Weekly; "Not a lot of people have actually played Ben Franklin, and the more I learn about him and read about him, he's a really fun guy. He's a writer, and I love how that informs his mind."

Keep watching for Sleepy Hollow to return in the fall of 2014.

Source: Entertainment Weekly
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