E3 Trailers: Halo 5, Doom, Halo: Master Chief Collection, Star Wars Battlefront, Assassin's Creed Unity

Some of the goodies teased at this years E3.

Halo 5 Guardians a multiplayer only game will be released sometime in 2015, and available in the Beta version in the Halo: Master Chief Collection

Doom's release date is to be announced.

The collection doesn't come out until November 11th of this year, but that hasn't stopped eager fans from flooding Amazon.com with Pre-Orders of Halo: Master Chief Collection, propelling the title to number one in the on-line vendors game sales chart. You too can get in on the action andorder your copy for $59.99 directly from Amazon. Watch the awesome cinematic promotional trailer for the collection below.

A lot of build-up, and a lot of heart and dedication is shown in the build-up to Star Wars Battlefront, but we don't get to see any game-play. Only time will tell what kind of game EA has in store for us. Watch the two trailers below to find out more.


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