CONSTANTINE - Paranormal Urban Fantasy comes to NBC this fall. WATCH the trailer HERE

Constantine, Fall of 2014, on NBC. Warner Bros. Television
Mark Turner
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The paranormal has been hot in the last few years, especially in the medium of television, and in the hopes of capitalizing off a strong knowable DC comics franchise, NBC will be giving us Constantine, from the skilled producers of Dexter and The Dark Night films . . . so breathing success into this high-concept comic book world should come as second nature for this successful duo.    

With zombie looking demons that resemble ghouls from the Walking Dead and a soul-snatching Satan-looking demon, reminiscent of Moloch from Sleepy Hollow, Constantine has a lot of demons to battle during the pilot episode - and in its respective time-slot.

Promising English accented cockney quips from its con-man/exorcist detective star Matt Ryan as John Constantine, and a new 3 minute trailer packed with enough chills and suspense to possibly warrant a few return viewings, NBC looks to have poured a lot of time and money into this latest offering.

The show does look like it has a lot to offer and could spawn a second season if it can posses fickle viewers. The magic of Sleepy Hollow owes much to the chemistry and charisma of its principal cast, not to mention themes of time-travel and weekly Armageddon. Will Constantine have enough going for it? We'll have to wait and see what it conjures this fall.

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