Happy Birthday to THREE of SciFi's Hottest Ladies! (PHOTOS)

May 16th Birthday Ladies of Scifi

Mark Turner
Fantastic Almanac

May 16th is a day for fan-boys of many generations to celebrate. These ladies have held our fascination, and will continue to do so in the long history of science fiction/fantasy cinema queens.  
Megan Fox Transformers
2009 Image: Wikicomons
First on the birthday list is Megan Fox, Born today in 1986, and star of two Transformers films, and the comical fright film Jennifer's Body and the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She turns 28 today.
Lynn Collins as the Princess of Mars. Image: Disney

Lynn Collins, born in 1977, has been in science fiction films of note, X-Men Origins: Wolverine where she played Wolverine's love interest Kayla Silverfox and in Disney's John Carter of Mars, based on Edgar Rice Burroughs Classic books, where she played the Princess of Mars, Dejah Thoris. She turns 37 today.

Yvonne Craig in Star Trek's; 'Whom Gods Destroy'

And last, but certainly not least on the birthday list, is a woman who was featured in both Star Trek and Batman in the 1960's. Yvonne Craig was born in 1937 and sizzled on the small screen as Marta, the salve girl who dances for the captive crew, and she was Batgirl to Adam West's Batman. She also worked with Elvis Presley in Kissin' Cousins, and in the cult classic, Mars Needs Women. She turns 77 today.

Megan Fox behind the scenes 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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