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Steven Spielberg brings science fiction and Halle Berry to CBS television this summer with Extant. At a screening on Monday, Berry, who is also the shows co-executive producer, told Variety that the script was amazing and unlike anything she had read before. "And Steven Spielberg, I mean, he’s the king," she told reporters on the blue carpet screening. "If you’re gonna do TV about extraterrestrials and sci-fi and supernatural, I think he’s a good one to do it with.” 

The show is about Berry's character Molly Woods, who, after returning from a 13 month solo space mission, discovers that she's pregnant. 

This is also the show where President Obama's oldest daughter, 15 year old Malia, worked as a production assistant.

Berry also confirmed that she believes in aliens, or at least the possibility of extra-terrestrial life.  

“I’m not so egotistical to think that we’re the only ones living in this vast, vast universe. I do think there’s other life out there," She told Variety. 

Extant premieres July 9 on CBS

Story source: Variety

The extended preview begins at 30 Seconds into the video below. 


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