Effects Wizard RICK BAKER shares a rare look at a CREATURE from SPIELBERG's never-made 'THE NIGHT SKIES'

"I always feel like somebody's watching me"
Image:Rick Baker/The Night Skies
Mark Turner 
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The make-up effects wizard behind the frightening non-CG metamorphosis of a man into a wolf in American Werewolf in London and the many creature effects in Michael Jackson's Thriller, Rick Baker recently released a rare photo on his Twitter page from a never completed 1970's film project titled; The Night Skies

Alien creature from the proposed The Night Skies./Rick Baker at right./Image: Rick Baker
In the post, Mr. Baker states that this was a work in progress and that the eyes were not finished. He then asks his followers to "Cover the top of his head and tell me who he looks like." @TheRickBaker

The story of the Night Skies was developed by Steven Spielberg and centered around a family being terrorized by sinister looking aliens.

As it often happens in Hollywood, some of the greatest ideas never make it to the silver screen. Maybe someday this vision of otherworldly eeriness can be brought to the life.  

So, who do you think the alien resembles? Feel free to comment below. 

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