GODZILLA 2 - they're already working on a Sequel! What new Monsters are coming?

$200 million dollar bad boy

Mark Turner
Fantastic Almanac

After an opening box office of $93 million in the US and $103 million internationally, the producers of Godzilla are already talking sequel. What can we expect from Godzilla Part II? All we have is a hint from director Gareth Edwards, saying that he plans to use the same amount of restraint he used in this film with regard to his revealing the monster and the use of suspense in reaction shots to build audience anticipation.

I saw the film over the weekend and really enjoyed it.

So what can we expect from Godzilla II?

Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla?

Godzilla vs King Kong?

Godzilla vs Biollante?

Or, like in this latest incarnation, will it be a hybrid of something old and something new? We can only wait and see!

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