David Lynch's Star Wars - Mind Blown!

Luke Skywalker's, Lost Highway/Blue Velvet trip
Mark Turner
Fantastic Almanac

He nearly made Return of the Jedi but at the last minute, he turned it down. With the recent release of Twin Peaks on Blue Ray, it's time to reflect on the strange nightmare landscape of Lynch's work.

A video mash-up finally lets us see the magic and the mystery of one of cinema's dark geniuses as he gives us his hallucinatory, moody view of the Star Wars that could have been.

Star Wars Red Squadron X-Wing movie coming to a theater near you? A LEAKED list of future films?

Guardian's of the Galaxy NEW TRAILER 2 & interview with Chris Pratt

GODZILLA 2 - they're already working on a Sequel! What new Monsters are coming?

X-Men Days of Future Past - Meet BISHOP, ICEMAN & COLOSSUS!

Maleficent - Trailers

Maleficent Film Clip

MALEFICENT SNEAK PEAK of Angelina Jolie extended clip

Dawn of Planet of Apes - 2 Trailers

Edge of Tomorrow - 4 New Featurettes 

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