GODZILLA ACTOR, a WITCH and MR.T - Today's Birthday's!

Godzilla American version with Raymond Burr, 1954
Mark Turner
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Raymond Burr/Godzilla
60 years ago, before the King of Monsters rumbled across the big screen in his current film, Godzilla's 1954 American release was witnessed by a reporter trapped in a high-rise, Canadian born Raymond Burr, was born today. He worked with Alfred Hitchcock in Rear Window and was later known to millions for his television roles as Iron Side and Perry Mason.

Raymond Burr was born today in 1917.  He passed away in 1993 age 73.

It's Mr. T, 'fool'!
After gaining notoriety in Rocky III as Clubber Lang, Mr. T, who's birth name is Laurence Tureaud, went on be one of televisions most recognized characters for his role as B.A. Baracus in the A-Team series. Mr. T also enjoyed a short career as a pro-wrestler, working with Hulk Hogan in WrestleMania 1985. 

Mr. T was born in in Chicago in 1952 on this day . He is 62.

Fairuza Balk/The Craft
Last but not least on the list is Californian born Fairuza Balk who gained fame in her chilling and unforgettable performance as the demonically charged Nancy Downs in 1996's The Craft. A talented and versatile actress, she has appeared in comedic role, like her performance opposite Adam Sandler in the Water Boy and dramatic roles like her work in American History X

Fairuza Balk born on this day in 1974, turns 40 today. 

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