BATMAN - RARE 1989 Documentary and original Trailer

Mark Turner 
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Storyboard illustration for 1989's Batman/Warner Bros.
A great look at the early days of the Tim Burton 1989 Batman film. The video gives a rare glimpse at the sets, props and planning that went into one of the biggest, and most important superhero movies ever made. Viewing this documentary is a great way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the movie that started it all. Bob Kane, the creator of the iconic caped crusader, makes an appearance in the video, making this a must watch piece of pop culture history.

The director of the promotional video, Andrew Gillman did an exclusive interview with 1989Batman.com, the site responsible for unearthing this hidden gem. Its worth following the link and reading the interview to see that the atmosphere around the film, even long before it was released, was not what we might think. The darker tone for the superhero was not welcomed by all, especially Adam West, who played the campy version of Batman back in the late 60's! 1989Batman.com

Story source: Slash Film

Bob Kane

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