Transformers 5 already in the works - more Paramount Sequels announced

Mark J Turner
Fantastic Almanac

Star Trek 3 coming in 2016/Star Trek 2/Paramount Pictures
The Sequels are coming to a theater near you. Paramount pictures has confirmed a slew of new films that are in the works, not least is the confirmation of Transformers 5, slated for 2016, as the buzz for Age of Extinction, which doesn't even hit theaters until next Friday, seems to place that picture in this summers top 10 films.

As reported by Cinema Blend, we can expect to see G.I. Joe 3, Hansel and Gretel 2, another Paranormal Activity movie, Eddie Murphy will return to the Beverly Hills Cop franchise, and we're excited about a third Star Trek adventure that should open in 2016. They even have plans for a remake of Ben Hur.

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