Green Alien Women and the spacemen that can't say 'No'!

Mark Turner
Fantastic Almanac

There's something about the exotic pull of alien women that attracts earth born space rangers like moths to a flame. Look at John Carter of Mars, the romance of Avatar, or Daniel Craig falling for Olivia Wild's alien character in Cowboy's and Aliens, the list goes on.

But there's no denying the pull of a lady with green skin. Some might argue that the color of green for skin is more like the look of a rotting cadaver than something sexy? Perhaps. But maybe on a deeper subconscious level, the color green reminds us of lush vegetation and the abundance and promise of ripening life? Either way, space cowboys know there's no taming the wiles of a wanton green woman.

Now, Zoe Saldana brings to life the latest incarnation of science fictions most mysterious and alluring sirens; green alien women.

Star Trek was probably the first to bring the hue of green flesh to the eye of a curious earth-bound viewing public. They certainly cornered the market of these verdant vamps.

Zoe Saldana has been a blue alien in Avatar, but here in Star Trek 2009, she plays human to a green alien who's just had her way with James T. Kirk. A few years later, Miss Saldana would change her complexion once again for the glamours green role of Gamora in Guardian's of the Galaxy.

In Queen of Blood, Dennis Hopper just can't say no to the hypnotic pull of a space lady with green skin. Vampire of not, the space ladies always win out!

The theme of a lover from another world often seems to be that of a forbidden conquest for the hero, and Gamora from Guardian's of the Galaxy, shows us just how dangerous these lime-tinted-lovelies can be. 

Sure, the song is about the eyes, but this tune by Sugarloaf certainly works for the hue of alien skin.

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