GoGo's guitarist and Two Ladies of Star Trek - Today's Birthday's

Star Trek-a-GoGo. Jane Wiedlin in 1986's The Voyage Home
Mark Turner
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Two Star Trek Ladies celebrate their birthday's this Tuesday May 20th.

Born on this day May 20th, Jane Wiedlin, rhythm guitarist of the 80's New Wave, all girl band the Go-Go’s, is a fan of science fiction of and such a big fan of Star Trek that she worked her way into a cameo in 1986’s Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home as Trillya, "the comm officer seen relaying her ship’s distress in to Starfleet HQ on a large monitor during the whalesong crisis."

The official Star Trek website made sure to pay her special honor today and gave Jane a full write-up. She also appeared as Joan of Arc in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Still busy and ever the scifi nerd, she has recently co-created Lady Robootika, "a comic book about an alien abductee who’s turned into a cyborg superheroine." Jane Wiedlin turns 56 today. 

Stephanie Niznik
Also born on this day is a lady that has had two roles in two Star Trek adventures. Stephanie Niznik
appeared in 1998's Star Trek Insurrection and she also appeared in an episode of Star Trek Enterprise as an evil wraith, according to Internet Movie Database. No strange to Scifi, she had a lead role in the 2001 movie Epoch. Stephanie Niznik turns 47 today.  

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