Maleficent Special Effects Make-Up Artist Reveals Rare Photo of Spielberg's Lost Project

Rick Bakers 'The Night Skies' alien
Mark Turner 
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Make-up effects wizard Rick Baker released another photo of the ill-fated late 70's/early 80's Steven Spielberg film; The Night Skies, a story about the real-life alleged alien encounters of the famed Kelly–Hopkinsville Kentucky encounter, where a family's farmhouse was attacked by mysterious beings. As is often the case with Hollywood, projects sometimes never see the light of day. This one would however spawn E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, turning the alien into a friendly companion for a boy named Elliot.

Mr. Baker said in his Tweet "Unhappy days, film shut down. I wanted to change the body of the ET, the mantis like arm placement just didn't work imo"

Always busy, Rick Baker's latest work can be seen on this summers most famous monster Angelina Jolie as Maleficant.

Earlier released photo story here: Effects Wizard RICK BAKER shares a rare look at a CREATURE from SPIELBERG's never-made 'THE NIGHT SKIES' 05/22/2014

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